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Unwise to reduce housing targets on back of BREXIT vote

Date: 8/7/2016

Planning magazine reports that local planning authorities are unlikely to be able to use Brexit as an excuse to reduce the number of homes they are planning to provide. However, it will be some time before the Office for National Statistics needs to revise its estimates for population growth.

Mike Kiely, Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Planning Officers Society, told Planning that whether the household projections fall in the longer term will depend on the shape of the deal that the UK brokers with the EU. He said: "We have a government determined to clamp down on migration. In the worst case scenario, an unsuccessful negotiation could mean the nation could go into decline because we don't have access to the single market. Migration would then be likely to drop because nobody would think it was worth coming here."

However, he added that the current failure to meet housing need through delivery would make it unwise for planners to reduce the nation's housing projections in the longer term. "The market is not meeting the theoretical need - permissions are granted but the homes don't materialise. However, in different areas of the country, the figures might vary, meaning plans could be reviewed if the projections drop significantly."

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