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Swansea Bay tidal lagoon decision raises major issues

Date: 11/6/2015

Responding to a reporter from Planning magazine regarding the recent NSIP approval for the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon scheme Michael Wilks, the POS NSIP Specialist, said three key points come to mind immediately.

"This project has become a poster child for national infrastructure, it has won the hearts and minds of many and that will be key to future infrastructure delivery. Amber Rudd was right to talk of the role of beautiful infrastructure winning over sceptics, and the award winning tidal lagoon has set the bar high."

Wilks also commented that "It is encouraging to see the DCO provide for an employment and skills plan as another key issue is capturing local benefit from nationally significant schemes. This combined with initiatives to make the development an attraction in its own right are very positive for the local area." Furthermore, Wilks said "With the Government now apparently intent on removing onshore wind from the DCO regime, it will need to consider what to do with National Policy Statement EN-3, which contains much on onshore wind and little on tidal, which it describes as 'not currently viable' (para 1.8.2). Perhaps it could kill two birds with one stone in updating that document."

MichaelWilks.jpg Michael Wilks


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