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Simplifications to planning process outlined in Queens Speech

Date: 19/5/2016

The Queen's Speech included the announcement that there would be a new National Planning and Infrastructure Bill.

Responding to the Local Government Chronicle John Silvester, the Society's Communications Manager, said that "POS welcomes the intention to simplify the CPO process as it is currently extremely complex and expensive; however,  changes could make it easier to negotiate and facilitate appropriate development" Indeed, the Society recently commented on the CPO consultation - see our recent consultation response.

Regarding the intention to strengthen neighbourhood planning by making the local government duty to support groups more transparent and by improving the process for reviewing and updating plans Silvester suggested "any improvement to this process is useful since so many people find the process slow and frustrating".

Silvester added that "any changes to planning conditions will need to be closely monitored since they are an important and essential part of the planning process. The government should avoid any alterations that might result in inappropriate or unsustainable development".

JDS260914_web.jpg  John Silvester

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