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Research programme launched to examine NSIPs trends and issues

Date: 16/9/2016

POS is pleased to support the initiative by the National Infrastructure Planning Association (NIPA) to launch NIPA Insights, a programme of research designed to examine current trends and issues in the consenting of Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIPS).

A key issue for the current NIPA membership is whether Development Consent Orders (DCO) are becoming too detailed at the expense of flexibility and thus stymying innovation in design and construction, adding to costs and deterring some investors from using the DCO process. To examine this issue further NIPA has appointed a team of academic researchers to collate robust evidence of the purported trend itself, and how this is affecting stakeholders in the processand whether this issomething that regulators, Local Planning Authorities, local communities and statutory consultees are worried about. It will be supported by a Stakeholder Group from the wider NIPA membership. A report is expected by March 2017.

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Michael Wilks, the Society's National Significant Infrastructure Projects specialist, is directly assisting the project.

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