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Planning should start with a vision

Date: 29/1/2016

In an article in Planning magazine Catriona Riddell, the POS Strategic Planning Subject Specialist, looks back at her career in planning and  yearns for a system that starts with a vision and builds from there, with a genuinely proportionate response to evidence.

"My first post-graduation job was with the structure plan team at Surrey County Council in the 1990s. Like all new graduates, I had a good sense of the theory, but little of the practice.

So I looked forward to learning how to do planning in the real world. I was very lucky in the following years to have good teachers who taught me how to develop robust planning policy and manage the politics. But the most important part of my early training was to think about the long term vision - how did we see the shape of Surrey changing in the next 20 years or so, and how would this affect the way people lived, worked and played?"

CatrionaRiddell2016.jpg Catriona Riddell


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