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Planning System Not Fit For Purpose, Warns Kiely

Date: 27/2/2015

A Planning magazine poll indicates that just one in five local authority members and planning officers believe that the planning process ensures that only applications of long-term benefit to local areas get approved.

Changes to the implementation of CIL has had an effect of hampering development agreed Mike Kiely, Chair of POS, saying that "the goalposts have constantly moved" with CIL. He added that there have also been tensions over neighbourhood planning and changes to permitted development rights.

Kiely indicated that the survey results reflect the "unprecedented rate of change" to planning policy in the years following the introduction of NPPF. He said "a whole series of factors" have combined to create a feeling that the planning system is not fit for purpose. "The effect on the ground has not been seen as helpful," he told a Planning reporter.

MikeKiely3web.jpg Mike Kiely

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