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Planning Attacked for Exacerbating Riots

Date: 16/8/2011

Planning found itself unexpectedly blamed for exacerbating the impact of the riots when David Cameron addressed MPs in the emergency debate. The Prime Minister said planning regulations had made it difficult for shops to install metal shutters.

John Silvester, spokesperson for the Planning Officers Society, told Planning magazine, "where premises are not in conservation areas or listed buildings, I suppose it would make sense for a streamlined process. An attractive window display is an important part of the street scene and we wouldn't want to lose that. But there are ways and means with shutters - you need to have the appropriate shutters in the right place."

The DCLG Chief Planner has written to LPAs and confirmed it will consult on making shutters and other security measures permitted development. 

UPDATE 24th August 2011: see the new POS Good Practice Note

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