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POS Welcomes Lord Taylor's Conclusions and Recommendations

Date: 3/1/2013

POS strongly welcomes the overall conclusions and recommendations made by Lord Taylor in the Review of Planning Practice Guidance.

Mike Kiely, Senior Vice President and senior Society representative in the roundtable discussions with Lord Taylor, said "A central DCLG endorsed repository for ALL planning guidance is critical, and it must be easily accessible, succinct and up-to-date."

POS is of the opinion that the process of producing the new guidance suite will be crucial and all areas must be properly considered; for example, some of the procedural guidance that was in the old PPG/PPSs must not be forgotten; indeed POS wants to seek assurances from DCLG that they need to take out the relevant guidance bits they want to save and put it on their website before deleting the relevant circular. John Silvester, POS Spokesperson, said "if they delete the circulars first and worry about it later, it may never happen."

Kiely added "A clear process for adding new guidance needs to be devised and the sector can play a role in gate keeping this. POS has already started the work needed to enable us to assist with the drafting of the new suite. The sector should be engaged if not commissioned to do the drafting; indeed the '4 wise men' approach that was used for the NPPF worked well, and a similar approach (but from a broader constituency) is what's needed to do what is a very fine grained piece of work that only those of us who have many years of deep immersion in all this stuff can do justice to it."

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