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POS Responds to Draft NPPF Consultation

Date: 14/10/2011

POS welcomes a shorter and more focused NPPF and supports the broad thrust of the document. The Society is of the view, however, that the document needs fine-tuning and greater clarity. The Society is convinced that as currently drafted the NPPF will slow down and not speed up the planning system.

Mike Kiely, Junior Vice President told Under Secretary of State Bob Neill "We are ready to help with the task of fine-tuning the NPPF. There is too much at stake to get this wrong".

In submitting the Society's final response Mike Holmes, President, said "we recognise at various points in the submission, it will normally be the responsibility of the Society and other key stakeholders to produce any supplementary good practice guidance required. However, we have at a few points thought it appropriate to seek clarification of what particular parts of the Framework means. In a number of cases, we have suggested alternative wording, or at least the general thrust of that wording. More generally, we would be happy to work constructively with DCLG in developing alternative wording in relation to any of the points we have made."

Download the final submitted response

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