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POS Proposes New National Planning Policy

Date: 7/3/2011

The Planning Officers Society has responded to the Government's call for ideas for a new national planning policy framework.

POS has put forward a model that would be far shorter and more accessible than the existing mass of documentation, free from jargon but clear on the principles of what planning is trying to achieve. Their model draws on the experience of chief planning officers from up and down the country in operating the thousand-plus pages of existing guidance.

Society President, Stephen Tapper, said "It would clarify the boundaries between the responsibilities of central and local government. OPur proposal also suggests a means of phasing in the new guidance, so that a policy vacuum is not created as the old guidance is swept away." 
The Society has offered to help DCLG with the drafting of the new NPPF.

See the Society's response 


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