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POS Planning Manifesto Gains Momentum

Date: 9/6/2014

Following the succesful launch of the Society's new Manifesto - Planning For a Better Future at its Spring Conference in May support for the paper has been "gathering momentum" said John Silvester, the Society's Communications Manager.

David Evans, President of the Socierty, said "What we are proposing is an evolutionary approach to local plans. We recognise that in practice the duty to cooperate and agreeing the objective assessment of housing need is proving to be a real difficulty.  The two stage process enables these Issues to be agreed by an Inspector across housing market or similar areas before the detailed work on stage two is undertaken. At this stage we see a light touch examination and maximum flexibility for local decision making. Up to date adopted plans would be protected under transitionary arrangements" 

DaveEvans_President.jpgDavid Evans, President 2014/15

Mike Kiely, Chair of the POS Board, commented "The original paper was a result of extensive work by our network of practitioners and we have now tested it with leading politicians from the two main parties and leading representatives from across the development sector. As a consequence we have updated the paper to expand on our intentions."

MikeKiely3web.jpgMIke Kiely, Chair of the Society Board

Representatives of the Society recently had separate meetings with Nick Boles and Roberta Blackman-Woods.


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