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Date: 24/9/2009

The Planning Officers Society is establishing an important new project which will support a group of planning authorities as they develop planning policy and practice to address climate change. 

Andrew Wright, General Manager of POS Enterprises, the Society's delivery arm running the project, said climate change is the most important matter to be addressed in our plans for the future, and authorities need clear-minded approaches and the expertise and confidence to apply them effectively through development management. We have therefore set up a supported learning group whose members will explore different aspects of planning for climate change at a practical level, and explore how policies can be developed which are effective and readily applied in relation to development proposals. 

In delivering this project POS is  joining forces with Woking Borough Council, a Beacon for Planning for Climate Change, who have recently secured CLG funding to develop support to planning authorities in developing practical approaches to climate change.  Woking are developing a web-based resource which will enable users to identify areas where they need to strengthen their knowledge in relation to planning for global warming, and then search for the most apt guidance, using state-of-the-art technology to find the most helpful material for them.  The participants in the group will enjoy advance access the prototype web resource and through the project will feed back their experience to shape its further development.

Sean Rendall from Energy Centre for Sustainable Communities Ltd, created by Woking BC, indicated the Peer Support project has two linked work streams; first, a supported learning network, delivered over the course of a year jointly with the Planning Officers Society; and second, a new ‘collaborative knowledge portal' which will be developed with the participation of LPAs attending the supported learning network.

Part of the first meeting, on 15th October in central London, will be devoted to understanding the expectations and objectives of participating authorities, and setting the programme for the rest of the year.  It will also feature a context-setting presentation and discussion (led by Kate Henderson of the TCPA) on current and emerging national planning policy with respect to Climate Change. 

John Silvester, Spokesperson for the Society, told Planning that we still have a number of places available to local authorities who would like to be involved in this ground-breaking project. Any one keen to be a part of it should just get in touch with me at the Society.


For current details of the project click here 

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