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POS Comments on National Planning Framework Consultation

Date: 10/1/2011

In response to the query by Planning magazine for the Sociaty to comment on the launch of the government's consultation into the National Planning Framework John Silvester, Spokesperson for the Society, said POS is preparing a shopping list of ideas for features the NPF should incorporate. In no particular order these are:

1. Purpose and principles of the planning system and what sort of system the Government wants it to be

2. Key statutory designations (Green Belt, AONB, etc.)

3. How the development plan system is intended to work at a local level

4. Policy on items of major infrastructure or other developments of regional/national importance

5. Policy on particular areas of planning activity.

We aim to discuss these with CLG and Ministers as soon as practicably possible."

To find out more of the CLG plans click here

john-silvester-02-pos.jpg John Silvester

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