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Offshore wind projects diminishing

Date: 25/9/2015

Whilst there has been no government planning policy changes on solar power, biomass and waste-to-energy schemes, there appears to be a clear new funding agenda.

Michael Wilks, the Society subject specilaist for NSIPs, told Planning magazine that there is a "direct relationship" between the prevailing financial support mechanisms for renewables and the frequency and timing of planning applications. "For offshore wind, the rate at which projects are coming forward and the size of those projects is diminishing, so there is a corresponding effect on workloads," he said.

"The visions of local plans coulkd be predicated on rapid growth in the offshore energy sector, with estimates of terrific job numbers that may not be forthcoming soon, if at all" Wilks added.

MichaelWilks.jpg Michael Wilks

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