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No Need for National Bin Blight Guidance, Says POS

Date: 16/8/2013

In response to the DCLG suggestion that there is a need for national planning guidance on the Bin Blight  phenomenon, John Silvester, Society Spokesperson, said "there is absolutely no need for national guidance on this issue, it flies in the face of localism." 

Whilst POS supports the removal of clutter from the street scene "LPAs already negotiate provision for bin storage in new housing developments", continued Silvester. "If there is to be new national guidance it can only be advisory and unlikely to impose obligatory requirements on developers; and in any event would only affect new developments."  The DCLG press relase includes a photograph of an older terrace of properties with bins on the pavement.

Several years ago speaking after a controversy over the massing of wheelie bins on a Devon street Local Government Minister Bob Neill had insisted that councils should take into account the effect of what he described as 'bin blight' upon local communities. The minister said: "The modern day phenomenon of bin blight is a cause for concern for many families. he added "Councils need to take into account the effect on local amenity and street scene when planning their waste policies, street by street."

John Silvester.jpgSociety Spokesperson John Silvester



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