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New Planning System Reflects Washing Machine

Date: 28/7/2004

Steve Clark, of the Planning Officers Society showed remarkable knowledge of European washing machine practice at the Waterfront Planning Reform Conference on the new planning system on 23 June.

The current preference for front-loading of consultation on the new local development frameworks reflects British practice in the use of washing machines. The rest of Europe has top-loading machines, which perhaps reflects the more top down planning system in the rest of Europe. Steve explained that “it was essential that this aspect of the new system worked effectively, to enable authorities' plans to be completed and approved more quickly than at present.

The Topic Group has been working closely with ODPM to produce model policies for the new local development frameworks, and a set of guidance notes is due to be released shortly.   The Local Government Association will be launching the guidance at a Conference on 21st July at Local Government House.


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