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New Defra Contract into the use of Noise Guidance in Planning

Date: 1/12/2003

The Symonds Group have been commissioned by Defra to carry out a survey of the use and usefulness of guidance on environmental noise contained in Planning Policy Guidance 24 (PPG 24) in both the formulation of development plans and in the exercise of development control. This project will support the current review of PPG24 (Planning and Noise) by developing an understanding of how current guidance is being used by planning authorities.

As a first step for this project Symonds will be contacting all Planning Authorities in England and asking them to complete an on-line questionnaire. The aim of this questionnaire is to establish the use by local planning authorities of noise guidance from various sources, including PPG24.

In a bid to make the process of completing the questionnaire as easy as possible, the questionnaire will be accessible via the Internet and completing the questionnaire will mainly involve clicking on the chosen response.  There will be scope, though, for more detailed replies

Once the responses to this questionnaire have been analysed, Symonds will be contacting a small representative sample of planning authorities for more detailed consultations.

Anyone involved with the planning process who is not reached by the initial mailing can take part in the questionnaire by going to ppg24questionnaire.co.uk

As the results of the project will feed directly into the current review of PPG24 it is hoped that those  involved in noise and planning will take this opportunity to contribute.

For more information about this project please contact Dr Mike Fillery, Technical Director Acoustics, Symonds Group Limited, Mike.fillery@symonds-group.com

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