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Date: 11/6/2008

The Planning Officers Society welcomes the publication of new PPS 12, Local Spatial Planning. The Society sees the publication as positive step forward in providing guidance to Local Authorities and other stakeholders who have a role in place shaping and plan making.

POS believes that new PPS provides important endorsement of the role of core strategies and sets out in clear terms the key principles regarding core strategy preparation. In addition it usefully sets out the role of other development plan documents such as Area Action Plans and sets out the circumstances in which they can be a valuable part of the Local Development Framework, such as where area based regeneration is important.

Since the 2004 Act set out the arrangements for preparing development plans the POS has been active in working with various organisations and agencies to try and support Local Authorities in bringing forward Local Development Frameworks. The Society has also shared experience of Development Plan preparation with CLG and it believes that the new PPS 12 has benefited from the contributions made by the Society.

Dave Wood, Chair of the Society’s Spatial Planning and Policy Committee said It is now hoped that Government will push ahead with the Planning Bill in order that other key proposed improvements to the development plan sytem that have been consulted on can be implemented. The Committee will be looking to continue its positive role in making the development plan system an effective one.


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