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More Homes for Ageing Population Should be a Mandatory Requirement, Says POS

Date: 17/10/2014

Planning magazine has recently highlighted that the shifting demographic profile not only adds pressure to an already squeezed housing market, it also demands that the right type of accommodation is built - homes that meet the unique needs of our increasingly elderly population.

Steve Quartermain, the DCLG Chief Planner, recently warned that some local authorities are failing to plan for an ageing population, "an issue we need to address". Earlier this year, the department awarded a tender for a research project that it said would "inform a wider project on the development of housing policy specific to older people".

David Evans, President of POS, has raised concerns over the "opt-in" nature of the government's plans. "If we have a national issue, as we do with the ageing population, then the government should be bold enough to say this is actually a requirement, and that it should be mandatory," he told the Planning reporter.

  • Councils' duties to meet housing demands for elderly people are identified in the NPPF, which says the housing mix should be determined by demographic trends and the needs of different groups, including older people.  The DCLG National Planning Practice Guidance adds that plan-makers should consider the size, location and quality of dwellings older people need.
  • In March, a House of Lords select committee called on central and local government to review how the NPPF might be tightened to ensure sufficient housing provision for older people. 
  • Read more on the current POS positon on Planning for an Ageing Population

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