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LPAs Need to Get CIL Charging Schedules in Place to Help Tackle the Housing Crisis, Says POS

Date: 7/6/2012

"It's not just the government that needs to act; LPAs must get their act together too and get CIL charging schedules in place in order to provide the infrastructure necessary to support new housing" said POS Spokesperson John Silvester in response to the LGA's call on Government to free Councils to tackle the housing crisis.

A survey of frontline councillors carried out by the LGA reveals that public opposition is the single biggest barrier to the building of new homes. However, development which comes with appropriate infrastructure is nearly four times more likely to be supported by the public, according to councillors. The LGA has aunched a ‘Housing the Nation' campaign, calling on government to remove some of the restrictions hampering local authority efforts to tackle the nation's housing crisis. It is warning that councils' efforts to ensure that all new developments come with the appropriate infrastructure like roads, schools and parks risk being undermined by government proposals to allow developers to force councils to reopen Section 106 agreements previously agreed with developers.

According to government figures only 106,050 new homes were built in 2010/11 compared to 160,030 in 1990/91. Approximately 250,000 are required each year to meet demand.

The LGA's survey of frontline councillors found that:

  • Four in five respondent councillors (84 per cent) say their local authority area is in need of new housing. 
  • 42 per cent of councillors thought residents in their area were, on balance, opposed to new housing. 
  • But, when proposed housing developments comes with the necessary infrastructure, only 11 per cent of councillors said residents would still be opposed. 
  • Public opposition was cited as single biggest barrier to new housing. 59 per cent of councillors said it had been a barrier to new housing developments in their area in the past two years. 


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