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Confusion over statement on onshore wind farm appeals

Date: 26/6/2015

Earlier this week, energy secretary Amber Rudd told MPs that PINS would not be able to overturn local decisions on onshore wind projects. However, a DCLG spokesman confirmed that developers will retain the right to appeal decisions although they will have to take into account the "clear requirement" for local backing.

Michael Wilks, who leads on nationally significant infrastructure projects for POS, told Planning magazine he does not believe that many local plans contain spatially specific strategies allocating sites for wind energy, "in part because it would be so politically contentious that a local authority would avoid that debate and rather assess individual applications as they arrive".

Philip Ridley, head of planning at both Suffolk Coastal and Waveney District Councils and POS's natural resources specialist, said the tests set out in Clark's statement would make it "almost impossible" for consent to be granted. The government has "put so many costly hurdles in place no developer is going to risk the investment to begin to take a scheme forward", he added.

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