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Concerns about CIL are premature

Date: 29/1/2016

CIL is currently being reviewed by the government and a consultation collecting feedback on the measure closed earlier this month. Planning magazine reveals that some responses have concerns about whether CIL fulfils its objectives.

Graham Jones, the Planning Officers Society's CIL and infrastructure planning specialist, told Planning magazine that concerns about CIL spending are "somewhat premature". He said that little money had been spent to date, and added that it is very difficult to establish any patterns of spending at the moment.

Jones suggested that charging authorities may not have spent CIL funds yet because they have not yet collected enough money to pay for a particular piece of infrastructure, particularly if they are looking to spend it on significant items of infrastructure. He also pointed out that local authorities are required to report on how much money they collect and how much money is spent. "They are statutorily bound to do it and they are doing it," he said.

graham_jones2.jpg Graham Jones


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