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CIL Regs Welcomed

Date: 10/2/2010

 But all parties must continue to work together if new system is to succeed

The unique consortium comprising key public and private sector organisations today welcomed the amended regulations for the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). The group has worked closely with government over the last 2 years to ensure that the regulations provide a pragmatic and flexible way forward to implementation of CIL.

However, the consortium has made it clear to Government that the Regulations are only the start of the process. The associated guidance, still to be produced, will be critical to ensuring a smooth transition to CIL from the current Section 106 process.

This transition will require a change of approach from everyone involved in the delivery of development and infrastructure itself whether in the public or the private sector and all members of the consortium have pledged to work together with government to enable a realistic and pragmatic approach towards the setting, charging and paying of CIL.

Speaking on behalf of the consortium, Liz Peace, Chief Executive of the British Property Federation said: We have all worked extremely hard with the Government to steer the regulations in the right direction. Whilst they are far from perfect they look at lot better than the original proposals. They key now is to ensure that if CIL is implemented it is done in a sensible manner which encourages development rather than hinders it.

Andrew Whitaker, Planning Director for The Home Builders Federation added; A new approach requires new minds and ideas. All parties are going to have to work together if the potential benefits of CIL are to be realised. We all believe that CIL should make a real improvement to the approach to funding and, more importantly, delivery, of community infrastructure whilst providing the development we know this country needs.

David Hackforth, President of the Planning Officers Society commented: The property and building industries and local government were united in favouring a tariff approach rather than the Planning Gain Supplement. With CIL we have such an approach and we have all been keen to see regulations that would make it a workable system to deliver necessary infrastructure without deterring development.


1. The Consortium comprises: The Home Builders Federation; The British Property Federation; The Major Developers Group; London First; The Local Government Association; and The Planning Officers Society.

2. The new regulations can be found at http://www.opsi.gov.uk/si/si2010/draft/pdf/ukdsi_9780111492390_en.pdf

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