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Planners need to be more aware of security issues than ever before

Date: 28/12/2017

Following a request for Paul Seddon, Senior Vice President of the Planning Officers Society, to speak at the BRE launch of the new SABRE initiative, BRE officials visited Nottingham City's planning offices to share the findings of the BRE National Security Survey. 

The survey revealed that personal security is becoming an increasing worry across the UK, with 2 out of 3 respondents more concerned about crime today than they were 5 years ago. The top three issues raised as causing the most concern were cyber crime, terrorism and property crime.

SABRE has been developed by BRE as a security assessment and certification scheme for new and existing buildings and built infrastructure assets.The scheme recognises and rewards good practice and encourages those involved in the construction and operation of buildings to measure their performance so they can make informed investment decisions, communicate their security credentials to interested parties and benefit from greater transparency. 

BRE have just published 'How SABRE Works for You' that briefly describes how SABRE can help the various parties involved in delivering and occupying built assets, and contains a useful section relating to the use of SABRE in planning conditions.

Seddon said "the new tool will be particularly helpful in future discussions with applicants, particularly those of major developments where security is high on the agenda, and within the Council's own redevelopment activities."

PaulSeddon_web.jpg Paul Seddon



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