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Why Join POS

The Planning Officers Society represents the senior professionals and managers of planning services in the public sector in or serving English Local Authorities. The Society's aim is to make planning more effective in delivering sustainable development to support the well-being of our communities.

The Society's track record

The Society, formed in 1997, has an impressive track record that includes:

  • Making submissions to House of Commons enquiries
  • Publication of key papers such as QA Toolkit for DC, Policies for Spatial Plans, Planning Policies for Sustainable Building - guidance for LDFs, and LDF Soundness Assessment Toolkit
  • Supported Learning Groups, such as those for LDFs, Area Action Plans, Minerals & Waste Planning, and Responding to Climate Change
  • The Development Management Practice project
  • Regular meetings with Ministers, CLG officials and PINS
  • Preparation of Best Practice Notes, such as Scoping and Screening Environmental Impact Assessments, Planning for Retirement Communities, the Use of Conditions in place of s106 Agreements
  • Position Statements on LDFs, Members and Planning, CIL, and Eco-Towns.

The voice of public sector planning

POS is recognised by CLG, LGA, PINS, CABE, PAS, English Heritage and others as an organisation dedicated to excellence in public service provision and a key player in taking forward the planning reform agenda.

In addition, the Society has had the foresight to establish a trading and delivery arm for the Society (POS Enterprises Ltd) to undertake commissions which further the interests of public service planning and to coordinate responses to consultations, etc via the LGA Coordinator. The Society separately contracts administrative support, website services and network management.

Membership of the Planning Officers Society gets you:

  • a regular e-bulletin keeping you up to date on key planning and Society matters
  • access to draft responses by the Society to Government consultation documents
  • an opportunity to participate in committee, topic forums and/or regional meetings
  • an opportunity to network with your peers and Government officials
  • an opportunity to participate in visits and study tours
  • and much more.

To become a member

We represent over 1300 individual planners working in some 80% of the local authorities and public sector organisations around the country. We can rightly style ourselves as "the credible voice of public sector planning".

If you would like to become a member contact the Membership Administration Service of the Society by telophoning 01296 422161, or by emailing or by going to the Registration page of the website.




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