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Upward Extensions in London

Date: 15/4/2016

POS response to consultation on upward extensions in London


POS welcomes the Government's ambition to see many more homes built across the country and within London in particular. The importance of meeting housing need is central in the NPPF, the London Plan and the Boroughs Local Plans. However, we are cannot support this proposal at all. Upward extensions are often very challenging structurally, challenging to share accesses and for the person living below to be in agreement and
importantly their appearance and impact upon the built environment. Where they are not challenging a borough would assess the proposal on its merits and grant planning permission accordingly.

There is little evidence that achieving planing permission is a hurdle. However, the unintended consequences of this proposal represent a huge risk that this would put the character and appearance of our city at risk.

It is likely that if this proposal is implemented it would result in home owners wishing to take advantage of any increased permitted development rights to increase the size of their home, rather than providing new homes.

On a general point, it is a real challenge for Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) to keep up with the constant changes made to the planning system is a real challenge. It is also challenging to understand the full cumulative impact of all suggested policy changes, for example paragraph 2.2 of the consultation sets out the interdependencies between the NPPF technical consultation encouraging commuter hubs and this upwards extension

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