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Transport and the Accessibility of Public Services - Consultation

Date: 28/8/2012

This paper is being submitted on behalf of two local government groups intimatelyinvolved with planning Infrastructure and Land Use - The Local GovernmentTechnical Advisers Group (TAG) and the Planning Officers Society (POS), alongwith the Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation (CIHT). Theseprofessional organisations work together on a number of similar issues andrecently submitted complementary responses to the Government on the NPPF. 


Access difficulties and the consequential risk of social exclusion are causedat least as much by land-use planning and the choice of location and managementof activities, facilities and services, as by the transport system. Location decisions should be tested for their effect on people with transport disadvantages. The policies developed in PPGs 6 and 13 should be reaffirmed and applied more firmly. Whilst the NPPF may appear silent or indeterminate on these key issues, localplanning and transport authorities should be encouraged to interpret the NPPF in ways that will promote more sustainable patterns of and locations for development and maintain or create sustainable local communities which provide access for all to a wide range of everyday needs. Previous policy documents, such as PPG13,will be a major source of guidance. 


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