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Right to Build: supporting custom and self build

Date: 18/12/2014

POS welcomes the idea to encourage more people to build their own homes, this would contribute towards meeting the demand of homes. However the proposal would impact on departments across the council including finance, legal, property assets, transport, trees as well as the planning department. The proposal should not be the sole responsibility of the planning department the requirement should be placed on the whole authority. This would then allow local authorities to determine where the 'Right to Build' function best sits in terms of capacity and access to the right skills. This is the approach that was taken with the 'Assets of Community Value' register.

Bringing forward serviced plots with outline planning permission is going to be resource intensive and add another burden to a local authority not just the planning department. This additional requirement is being introduced at a time when more cuts are imminent in public sector spending. DCLG needs to adequately resource this idea if it is expected to succeed.

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