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Planning Performance and the Planning Guarantee

Date: 17/1/2013

Whilst POS is keen to ensure that these measures, if imposed, should be workable we are opposed in principle to the proposed performance measures in so far as we do not believe they are warranted given the general improved performance of authorities.

The proposals are considered to be unworkable as currently constructed. The data sets are simply too small for many authorities to make a reasonable judgement on their performance and this can lead to major fluctuations in performance.

The proposals are likely to be counterproductive as a result of a focus on blunt process targets - the focus should be on the outcomes.

The proposals are somewhat of a blunt instrument for what is purported to apply to very few authorities - a more effective way of raising performance is through a sector led approach.

By extending the role and function of PINS this measure risks removing local accountability. It is also likely to require a significant injection of funding. It makes more sense to prioritise funding for swift decisions at the local level than expanding an unelected quango. 

  • read the POS formal response in full
  • please note that in relation to Q12 the Socety's intention was that intervention to facilitate improvement should be a requirement, not just voluntary, for the authority. Intervention should be by way of peer review (eg by POS, PAS).
    This clarification note was sent to DCLG.


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