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POS Statement on response to NPPF revisions and associated documents

Date: 26/5/2018

Planning Officers Society has submitted a full and wide-ranging response to the suite of consultation documents published by the Government reflecting the broad range of planning related disciplines, types of local authority and the geographic spread of the members that it represents. The coverage includes responses in relation to Strategic Planning, real concerns regarding the Housing Delivery Test, Viability, Plan-Making and Minerals and Waste matters through to Developer Contributions and Section 106 Agreements.

Whilst there are a range of proposed changes that the Society welcomes these are countered by real concerns that the draft NPPF feels as if it is numbers driven, and there are elements that are at odds with matters discussed the MHCLG Design Quality Conference held on 25th April. The way it is written gives the sense that the effect on people either in existing or new communities has been relegated even more so than in the current NPPF. We do not want to create slums for the future, but rather create attractive, high quality and therefore sustainable places to live, as emphasised by the Secretary of State and the Planning Minister.

POS continues to identify opportunities where revisions should be made to make both the Policy and Guidance documents clearer and more workable for public sector planners and wider audiences. It's responses also suggest amendments that seek to avoid ‘unintended consequences' that could impact on the creation of mixed and balanced communities and high quality place-making or result in wasted time and resources.

A summary of the responses relating to each of the consultation documents can be viewed here.

The full responses can be viewed here.

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