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NPPF - POS Response

Date: 30/9/2011

POS has now submitted its final response.

On 26th September, as part of DCLG's ongoing engagement they arranged, with the Planning Officers Society, a specific event to bring together planners from across England to discuss the draft National Planning Policy Framework.This morning event was free to attend and was held at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, Westminster.

The event was chaired by Mike Holmes, POS President, with presentations from Bob Neill MP, Under Secretary of State and Shona Dunn, Director of Planning at DCLG. Presenting the Planning Officers Society's formal views were Mike Kiely, Junior Vice President and Phil Kirby, Hon Vice President Emeritus.

DCLG stated that they are very keen to take every opportunity to consult on and improve the text of the draft Framework. A summary of the key points of the Society's response was circulated to those delegates and journalists attending.


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