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Further reform of the compulsory purchase system

Date: 15/5/2016

In general POS welcomes the changes to the Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) regime which is a proactive tool to support regeneration in areas. 

However, we have two main suggestions. Firstly, that the consultation should set out a workable approach where alternative use values are argued in terms of compensation, we would suggest that a residual value is used instead. This way the true costs of the development are calculated, including build costs etc and importantly infrastructure. It is likely that this will mainly come into play outside of urban areas. 

Secondly, we feel that government should set the threshold tests for CPO to enable Local Authorities to unlock undeveloped or landlocked sites. For example where permission has been granted and the Local Authority is keen for development to come forward but no reasonable steps towards delivery have been made. The Local Authority should be able to use CPO powers either on their own or in partnership with a developer to acquire the land and dismantle land banking. This would increase housing delivery by going some way to build out the unimplemented permissions across the country and ensure delivery on brownfield sites reducing pressure on Green Belt. This would support the intentions laid out in the Housing and Planning Act.

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