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DCLG CIL Review 2015

Date: 17/1/2016

POS has submitted 2 documents to the CIL Review Panel, firstly the POS Manifesto Paper 'Funding Infrastructure in a More Effective Way' which sets out the Society's proposals for improving the CIL system and planning obligations which would improve their operation and make for more effective delivery. Secondly the response to the Review Panel Questionnaire.

The Planning Officers Society represents planning officers in Local Authorities in England and has members in over 2/3 of LPAs. Of prime importance in its work is ensuring that the views of those responsible for implementing the planning system on a daily basis are known and understood by policy makers.

The Society has a continuing interest in CIL. We were involved in the formulation of the regulations and their subsequent amendments and our members working with CIL now have an understanding of how the system is working in practice. In addition, through POS enterprises we have been supporting over 60 authorities through the CIL procedures from rate setting through the detail of assessing viability, income, spending and enforcement. We are therefore very aware of how this is working across the country.

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