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Consultation on Tree Preservation Orders

Date: 20/12/2010

The Society has submitted its response on the TPO consultation. See the letter and detailed response below.


Peter Annett
Local Environmental Quality
Planning - Environment
Communities and Local Government

                                                                                                      20th December 2010

Dear Mr Annett


Thank you for consulting the Planning Officers Society on the above draft guidance. We represent the most senior professionals and managers of planning functions in the English local authorities. We set out to:

  • Act as an advocate and promoter of Local Government planning;
  • Assist and advise the Government and the Local Government Association on planning matters and related issues;
  • Act as a centre of excellence, undertake research and promote best practice in planning matters;
  • Promote all aspects of the built and green environment by working closely with other organisations and professions.

The Planning Officers Society broadly welcomes the aims to consolidate legislation and streamline the Tree Preservation Order system. Although the changes are broadly positive there are some areas of concern, which are set out in the response.

We would be happy to discuss any of the above points if you need further clarification etc. Please contact John Walker on 020 7641 2524 who will be pleased to assist.

Yours sincerely

Phil Kirby

c/o Broadland District Council, Thorpe Lodge, 1 Yarmouth Road, Thorpe St. Andrew, Norwich, Norfolk, NR7 0DU

To download and read a copy of the detailed response click here

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