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Community Infrastructure Levy Reforms

Date: 28/5/2013

The Society has responded to the Consultation:

CIL was introduced to ensure that a much broader base of developments made a relatively modest contribution to the infrastructure needs of an area, on the basis of a charge set through an examination process and which would be clear and transparent. It was acknowledged that setting charges based on viability on an authority wide basis would be a relatively blunt instrument. This had 2 implications - that charges should be set at a level well below the margins of viability and that there would be a differential impact on developments.

POS accepts that some amendment to the original legislation was necessary, to take account of unforeseen circumstances which are inevitable with new legislation. Political initiatives are also the right of any government. However we are concerned at the number of changes that have already been made to the CIL regime and are now proposed, when only 20 authorities have been through examination and half that number are charging, many only recently. The real impact of CIL has yet to be seen. 


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