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Community Infrastructure Levy Consultation

Date: 8/10/2009

POS has been actively involved in the development of the CIL proposals,recognising their significance to our members and the potentialimplications they will have when implemented. We have been representedon groups engaged with CLG on the developing proposals and, throughPOS Enterprises we have been working with 3 groups of local authorities(over 50 in total) from all parts of the Country for the past 12 months ondeveloping Infrastructure Planning and preparing for the introduction ofCIL. Our members will also have the responsibility for implementing andadministering the Levy. This gives us a unique understanding of theimplications for LPAs and their views. The comments in this response havebeen prepared with the knowledge coming from this work as well ascontributions from individual authorities and members. This paper sets outthe Society's major concerns and suggestions for improvement. Otherdetailed points are dealt with in response to the consultation questions.

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