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POS Responses

The Society prepares its responses to those consultations most relevant to the core activity of the Society, thus not all consulations receved will necessarily be responded to.



POS Response to Revised NPPF publication

Added 27/7/2018 - Author Communications Manager

Improving the use of planning conditions

Added 2/3/2018 - Author Sara Whelan

Land value capture inquiry

Added 2/3/2018 - Author Sara Whelan

Conservation Principles consultation

Added 2/2/2018 - Author Sara Whelan

Planning for the right homes in the right places

Added 10/11/2017 - Author Sara Whelan

Housing White Paper

Added 2/5/2017 - Author Sara Whelan

Build to Rent Consultation

Added 2/5/2017 - Author Sara Whelan

Further reform of the compulsory purchase system

Added 15/5/2016 - Author Sara Whelan

Recommendations of the Local Plans Expert Group

Added 27/4/2016 - Author Sara Whelan

Rural Planning Review: Call for Evidence

Added 21/4/2016 - Author Sara Whelan

Upward Extensions in London

Added 15/4/2016 - Author Sara Whelan

Proposed changes to national planning policy

Added 22/2/2016 - Author Sara Whelan

DCLG CIL Review 2015

Added 17/1/2016 - Author Graham Jones

Local Plans Expert Group: Call for Evidence

Added 26/10/2015 - Author Sara Whelan

Expert Group to Review Local Plans

Added 29/9/2015 - Author Stewart Murray

Speeding up Planning Negotiations

Added 13/3/2015 - Author Sara Whelan

Building More Homes on Brownfield Land

Added 10/3/2015 - Author Sara Whelan

Stepping Onto the Housing Ladder

Added 10/2/2015 - Author Sara Whelan

UK City of Culture

Added 9/1/2015 - Author Sara Whelan

Right to Build: supporting custom and self build

Added 18/12/2014 - Author Sara Whelan

Revised Tall Buildings Advice

Added 30/11/2014 - Author Sara Whelan

Planning and Travellers

Added 25/11/2014 - Author Sara Whelan

Housing Standards Review Consultation

Added 14/11/2014 - Author Vincent Haines

Draft Cycling Delivery Plan Consultation

Added 13/11/2014 - Author Sara Whelan

Sustainable Drainage Systems Consultation

Added 24/10/2014 - Author Sara Whelan

Technical Planning Consultation

Added 26/9/2014 - Author Sara Whelan

House of Commons Select Committee Inquiry into NPPF

Added 9/6/2014 - Author John Silvester

Planning Performance Planning Contributions

Added 2/5/2014 - Author John Silvester

BREEAM UK New Construction 2014

Added 5/3/2014 - Author John Silvester

Lyons Housing Review

Added 28/2/2014 - Author Nicky Linihan

Housing Standards Review

Added 18/10/2013 - Author Paul Watson

Judicial Review: Proposals for Further Reform

Added 16/10/2013 - Author Mike Kiely

Next Steps to Zero Carbon Homes - Allowable Solutions

Added 15/10/2013 - Author Sule Nisancioglu

Change of Use Alterations

Added 14/10/2013 - Author Stephen Hill

Draft National Planning Practice Guidance

Added 11/10/2013 - Author Andrew Wright

Community Infrastructure Levy Reforms

Added 28/5/2013 - Author Graham Jones

Amending the Regulators' Compliance Code

Added 2/5/2013 - Author Mike Kiely

Review of Planning Practice Guidance Consultation

Added 15/2/2013 - Author David Hackforth

Planning Performance and the Planning Guarantee

Added 17/1/2013 - Author John Silvester

Improving Listed Building Consent Consultation

Added 23/8/2012 - Author Vincent Haines


Added 26/6/2012 - Author Don Gobbett

Devolving Local Major Transport Schemes

Added 30/3/2012 - Author Don Gobbett

Sustainable Drainage Consultation

Added 6/3/2012 - Author Philip Ridley

Restrictions to Telecom Lines Consultation

Added 17/2/2012 - Author Philippa Lowe

CIL Consultation

Added 29/12/2011 - Author Graham Jones

Neighbourhood Planning Regulations

Added 26/10/2011 - Author Stuart Hylton

NPPF Transitional Arrangements

Added 25/10/2011 - Author Stuart Hylton

Registration of new Town or Village Greens

Added 25/10/2011 - Author John Silvester


Added 6/10/2011 - Author David Simpson

NPPF - POS Response

Added 30/9/2011 - Author John Silvester

Use Classes Order Call for Evidence

Added 1/9/2011 - Author John Walker

Planning Guarantee and Information Requirements

Added 31/8/2011 - Author Phil Kirby

Draft Response to the Local Plans Regulations

Added 26/8/2011 - Author John Silvester

Draft POS Response to NPPF

Added 4/8/2011 - Author Stuart Hylton

High Speed Rail – Investing in Britain's Future

Added 26/7/2011 - Author Don Gobbett

Creating Growth, Cutting Carbon White Paper

Added 19/4/2011 - Author Don Gobbett


Added 19/4/2011 - Author Nicky Linihan

Pre-application Consultation with Communities

Added 18/3/2011 - Author Phil Kirby

Response to Localism Bill

Added 27/1/2011 - Author John Silvester

New Homes Bonus Consultation

Added 24/12/2010 - Author Nicky Linihan

Consultation on New Roadside Facilities

Added 23/12/2010 - Author Don Gobbett

Consultation on Tree Preservation Orders

Added 20/12/2010 - Author Phil Kirby/John Walker

Community Right to Build

Added 31/8/2010 - Author Malcolm Sharp


Added 5/7/2010 - Author Stuart Hylton

Community Infrastructure Levy Consultation

Added 8/10/2009 - Author Graham Jones

Draft PPS4

Added 10/7/2009 - Author Stuart Hylton

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