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Neighbourhood Planning

Date: 25/10/2010

The 6th in the POS Future of Planning series of guidance notes has been published.


1.1       The Society gives high importance to local plan making, and believes it absolutely necessary that planning reform:

  • builds on the good practice already out there;
  • avoids creating unnecessary additional cost, duplication or wasted effort; and
  • includes the full participation of people at the neighbourhood and village level.

1.2       A core element of localism in planning is the preparation of plans for neighbourhoods by the people and businesses that reside there. Such plans would acquire the status of local development documents. This paper outlines how this may be done, highlighting existing good practice, and some of the issues that will need to be addressed in a new regime.

1.3       The paper covers:

  • The new planning system
  • Defining neighbourhoods
  • The role of the local planning authority:
    • the "Community Planning Charter"
    • leadership
    • procuring the plan
    • evidence base & planning constraints
    • accreditation
  • Effective participation

 1.4       The paper includes an appendix, setting out examples of existing good practice, and additions to the list will continue to be made as they are received.

To read it in full download a copy

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