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Shop Front Security Shutters

Date: 24/8/2011

In light of the DCLG Chief Planner's letter to LPAs regarding the relaxation of red tape around the installation of shop front shutters POS has prepared the following advice.

Councils work with businesses to ensure that they have appropriate and effective security measures such as shop shutters whilst balancing the need to ensure that our high streets and town centres remain attractive places at night time.

In terms of details: an external shutter would be a minor application - nearly all of them will be dealt with within the 8 week period. The fee would be £170.  LPAs are processing applications overwhelmingly within the required time periods.

To support businesses many councils will have advice notes/design guides. Examples include:

An internal shutter, just the other side of the glass, does not need planning permission.

This would be a perfect matter for a Local Development Order - if the LPA sets out how they should look (grilles not solid, and how the shutter box is accommodated,etc) - and puts it in an LDO, planning permission would not then be required.

POS and the LG Group have been lobbying for more usable tools for local authorities to be able to respond to local circumstances such as this in our recent consultation responses on change of use. 


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