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National Competency Framework for Town Planners

Date: 16/4/2011

The new National Competency Framework for Town Planners is due to be launched nationally later this year.  The Change Partnership Limited has been working closely with POS and a range of 5 LPAs since last autumn and has now produced a draft framework for testing and consultation during April and May 2011.

Objective: To encourage managers in planning at all levels to register to try the draft competency framework in order to give feedback on it content and accuracy.

  • Would you like to see how you match up to the demands of your job quickly and easily?
  • Would you like to see how your skills equip you for your next job?

Use the new National Competency Framework for Town Planners.

The draft framework sits on an on line system Performer2020 which means you can develop a competence-based Role Profile for your job and review it against other management jobs. You can also help to refine the draft framework as a result of your comments and feedback.

The framework has 44 competencies at 3 levels across the following 5 key areas of functions:

A.    Manage information and knowledge relating to the planning service

B.    Develop and review plans for the sustainable development of places

C.    Manage the planning application process

D.    Facilitate the sustainable development of places

E.    Monitor and enforce compliance with planning policy and permissions

It is likely that as a manager, in completing your Role Profile, you will extract between 12 - 20 competencies that relate to your job.

Each competency breaks down to identify the performance requirement of your job, the knowledge and skills you need to work at that level and, how you need to behave to be effective.  You can explore all of this detail and even assess yourself against the competencies if you wish.


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