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Methods of Communication with the Minerals Industry

Date: 7/6/2012

Until recently Paul Wilcox and Richard Read represented the POS/LGA on the UK Minerals Forum. One of the pieces of work they were involved in on behalf of the the UK Forum concerned the issue of communications. An output of the group was a summary of communication techniques, which are in fact generally applicable.


The range of communication activities within the scope of the minerals industry and its stakeholders is vast but can be summarised as follows:

  • Those supporting the delivery of public policy.
  • Those supporting proactive campaigns and initiatives.
  • Those which are reactive.

The key principles which will apply to all are:

1. Understand and agree the outcome that you are wishing to achieve - your overall objective.

2. Identify your audience and prioritise if necessary. This will include those who can support your activity and amplify your messaging.

3. Determine your key message/s, secondary messages and the tone and delivery of your messages.

4. Will you be running a proactive/reactive initiative or a mixture of both?

5. What will the timescale be? Will your activity be split into distinct phases?

6. Do you have a budget? What sort of resourcing can you offer?

7. Become conversant with the range of communication techniques that are available and settle on the best mix.

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