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Update June 2010

Date: 28/6/2010


The Planning Officers Society E‐Bulletin for POS Members


1 Breaking News ....... the Society has elected it's 14th President. Stephen Tapper from Enfield was appointed at the AGM on 25th June at Southport. To find out more go to:

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Announced in the Queen's Speech on the 25th May 2010, the Decentralisation and Localism Bill covers the new Coalition Government's proposals for a wide range of planning and related legislation. The Bill applies to England and Wales.

The Government propose that the main benefits of the Bill would be:

  • Empowering local people.
  • Freeing local government from central and regional control.
  • Giving local communities a real share in local growth.
  • A more efficient and more local planning system.

Some elements of the Bill are:

  • Abolition of Regional Spatial Strategies.
  • Return decision‐making powers on housing and planning to local councils.
  • Abolition of the Infrastructure Planning Commission
  • Give residents the power to instigate local referendums on any local issue and the power to veto excessive council tax increases.
  •  Greater financial autonomy to local government and community groups.
  • Create Local Enterprise Partnerships (to replace Regional Development Agencies) - jointlocal authority‐business bodies brought forward by local authorities to promote localeconomic development.
  • Form plans to deliver a genuine and lasting Olympic legacy.
  • Outright abolition of Home Improvement Packs.
  • Create new trusts that would make it simpler for communities to provide homes for local people.

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