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Update 9/13

Date: 23/9/2013

The September 2013 e-bulletin sent to all POS members is now available here.

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... Breaking News ....

.... a study by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism has found that developers and councils are failing to comply with locally-set affordable housing requirements.

Their research shows that, in 12 of the UK's biggest cities, only 33 of the 82 biggest housing developments currently in the planning system are meeting the targets.

Over five years, the bureau further found that, among 83 councils in England, Scotland and Wales, 2,317 out of 7,890 affordable homes specified in section 106 legal agreements - almost 30 per cent - were subsequenty dropped following renegotiations.

The bureau said it found "repeated examples" of housebuilders and consultancies using economic viability assessments to secure council permission to cut the number of affordable homes.

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