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Update 4/13

Date: 23/4/2013

The April e-bulletin sent to all POS Members is now available.


... Breaking News ...

.... Residential PD Rights Set to Change ...

MPs voted by 286 to 259 against an amendment by the House of Lords to the Growth and Infrastructure Bill which would have allowed local councils to opt out of the changes to permitted development rights. Eric Pickles said the government had listened to the concerns and promised, "in the spirit of consensus", to bring forward a "revised approach" when the Bill returned to the Lords. MPs from all parties urged Pickles to give more details on the changes. He revealed nothing further, other than to say to MPs that "we can move together and arrive at a broad consensus" that would help homeowners and planning officers.

Details of an amendment to the G&I Bill on PD rights have now been sent to  MPs, outlining a new light-touch neighbours’ consultation scheme to allay concerns residents would be powerless if their amenities were affected. Under the proposals, homeowners seeking to build extensions would first contact their council, which would in turn inform adjoining neighbours as already happens.

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