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Update 3/14

Date: 26/3/2014

The March e-bulletin sent to all Society members is now available here


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... a 'three tier system' for planning decisions, as outlined in the report accompanying the Chancellor's budget statement, is 'not really' a change to the status quo, Steve Quartermain, the chief planner at DCLG, has said.

he Budget document published alongside chancellor George Osborne’s Budget statement on Wednesday described a "refreshed approach" to planning based on a three-tier system to decide the appropriate level of permission.

It said permitted development rights would be used for small-scale changes, prior approval rights for development requiring consideration of specific issues, and planning permission for the largest scale development.

Quartermain said: "Potentially the prior approval and the permitted development is where the shift has taken place, but in terms of a shift in thinking, I think the government has for a number years thought that that’s where it should be - that you shouldn’t be asking for planning permission for things that really don’t need planning permission." 

 >> read the budget report
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