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Red Tape Challenge - Planning Administration Theme

Date: 11/2/2013

Mike Kiely, POS Senior Vice President, has written to all POS members on 8th February 2013:

 "As you may be aware, on 31 January the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) launched its theme 'Planning Administration' for the Red Taype Challenge.  Roger Hepher (Head of Planning at Savills) and I have agreed to work with the Department as 'Sector Champions' to help raise the profile of this initiative.

The Red Tape Challenge is an open and transparent cross-Whitehall deregulatory programme managed by the Cabinet Office.  It enables industry and sector experts, as well as members of the public, to let Government have their views on how regulations are working on the groupd and to submit ideas for reducing unnecessary regulation, via the Red Tape Challenge website

Alongside the current Taylor Review of planning practice guidance, the Red Tape Challenge for Planning Administration is intended to make the underpinning administrative process of the planning system more efficient and accessible.  It is not intended to review planning policy.  The Government is committed to doing away with barriers to economic growth and to increase individual freedoms but will balance this by ensuring that regulations which offer important public protections, such as those covering countryside and environmental interests, remain in place.

The Red Tape Challenge Planning Administration theme will run for five weeks until 7 March 2013. After this time feedback will be collated and considered and decisions made as to whether regulations need to change.

As industry and sector experts your help in making the Red Tape Challenge a success is vital.  This is your opportunity to identify those planning administration regulations that are unnecessary/outdated or could be simplified, and to tell us where regulation is working.  I hope you will contribute your ideas and comments.  We would also appreciate your support in engaging those whom you think this would be of interest to.

The DCLG, Roger and I look forward to hearing your ideas.  If you have any questions on the Red Tape Challenge for Planning Administration, please contact Kevin Flanagan at the DCLG (email: or tel: 0303 444 1809) or me."

Mike Kiely

Senior Vice President, Planning Officers Society


Phone: 0208 760 5599

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