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President's Piece November 2015

Date: 24/11/2015

The President's latest blog:

"We celebrated the national Planning Awards (Planning Magazine) this month and the special POS sponsored category of Local Authority Team of the year went jointly to Plymouth and Southend-on-Sea, who received the revered POS Silver Cup (well a least sharing it for 6 months each over the next year).

What was revealing, along with other categories and entries for this award, and others, is that despite Planning getting bashed and blamed for all or most problems of the development world (misplaced, and that's official from the Minister!) the very high quality of planning teams, initiatives, strategies and development schemes continues to impress us and award givers, even developers.

It's refreshing to see the diverse range of amazing entries and concepts that come through the hard done by planning system, and despite all the challenges thrown at us, we can still deliver exemplary place-based outcomes that transform cities, towns and the countryside. Most importantly we demonstrate that we improve communities and peoples' lives, for the better.

So we can be proud of our collective achievements, whilst we prepare for the next round of challenging planning reforms and public sector cuts, we continue to deliver outstanding outcomes and quality results, against all the odds. Well done planners and teams across the country! Who's up for the POS Silver Cup in 2016?"

Stewart Murray, President 2015/16


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