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President's Piece August 2014

Date: 26/8/2014

You can read the latest blog from POS President, David Evans:

"Over the past thirty years we have made huge strides in shaping the quality of new development and creating vibrant mixed use places. With the economy picking up and the need to boost the supply of new housing , now is the time to put into practice all that we have learned to create developments in the right place, safe and attractive places which have their own identity, strong sense of community and are part of well-connected networks for walking, cycling and public transport.

Since the 1970s we have seen much greater flexibility in highway standards, first with DB32, then with People, Places and Movement and more recently with Manual for Streets. The growth of urban design as a discipline with key principles of permeability, legibility, vitality, variety and adaptability is now firmly embedded in planning and design theory. We have seen an emphasis on more connected places favouring walking, cycling and public transport and government policy favouring mixed use rather than single use areas. And also recognition of local distinctiveness promoted by Common Ground, developed through the Essex Design Guide in the 1970s and through a plethora of excellent local design guides and codes.

In Dorset, Oxford Brookes University recently completed a survey of residents' views on the design of Poundbury .... " >> read more


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