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Planning Inspectorate Appeals on Residential Garden Land

Date: 18/12/2013

Cultural Quarters are to review statistical monitoring of the numbers of new dwellings on garden land allowed by the Planning Inspectorate on appeal.

The aim of the exercise is to encourage better monitoring and more consistent interpretation of policies relating to developments on residential garden land (and external space setting standards) at a national level, which you will be aware remain a cause for serious concern among many local authorities, and the wider public.

The Inspectorate have provided their list of Appeals since April 2011 for all new dwellings on residential garden, as captured on their internal systems, and the outcomes of these appeals: click here. They also appear to have included some extensions. A quick sampling of the list among a small number of authorities has revealed a worrying number of garden developments have not been captured. The Planning Inspectorate have been rather apologetic about the quality of the monitoring data, but are using this same data as the basis of reporting to DCLG and Ministers on the garden grabbing issue.

Please help to widen the sample by sending in lists or examples of ommissions. Responses can be sent directly to CQ, and should include as full a list as possible of any appeals on garden land, to include dates of Appeal decision and site addresses, and outcome of appeal, as a minimum. Responses should ideally be sent before the 20th February 2014, and will then be collated and shared with the LGA and other interested parties, as part of the sampling exercise.

 Comments on whether 'allowed' residential garden development appeals have established local precedents, or made it harder for LPAs to refuse similar developments in future, would also be of interest. As would copies of appeal decision letters.

Responses should be sent direct to Louise Venn 

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