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POS New Structure and Rules May 2014

Date: 2/6/2014

The Society's core purpose is to promote the effectiveness of public sector planning.

The main concern is that we have a lack of capacity to respond to external demands, particularly from government. Pressure on people's time caused by contractions within council planning departments has meant that there is significantly less spare capacity in our sector to allow people to contribute to the work of the Society in the way that was possible 5 or 10 years ago. This is also manifested in a decrease in the number of serving planners in Cabinet, the membership not reflecting the profession (ie too many grey, white males and not enough younger, BME or female planners) and challenges over succession planning. We also need to lobby for the role of Chief Planning Officer to be a statutory post.

It was concluded that the current structure of the Society is confusing and ineffective and that a new structure was warranted, accompanied by new Rules.

  • download the final documents in full
  • from May 2014 the key roles are:
    • President - David Evans, West Dorset DC and Weymouth & Portland BC
    • Chair - Mike Kiely, Croydon LBC
    • Senior Vice President - Stewart Murray, Greater London Authority
    • Junior Vice President - Anna Rose, Rugby BC
    • Immediate past president - Malcolm Sharp, Sharp Planning Plus
    • Treasurer - Graham Jones, Jones & Jones Planning
    • Secretariat - Linda Durtnal, Linda Durtnal Associates
    • Communications Manager - John Silvester, John Silvester Associates
    • Policy Manager - vacant
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